Disney Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2018

When I was able to convince both my dad AND my boyfriend to go to Disney for a day, I thought I was being tricked. It seemed highly unlikely that two grown men (one who doesn't do particularly well in the heat, and one who groans at most things Disney) would agree to go in the scorching Florida heat.


They also let ME pick the park. I watched enough YouTube videos of the parks to drive my boyfriend absolutely mental. It ended up being a tough choice between Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Epcot had the neat World Showcase with pavilions from tons of different countries. Each country has different food specialties, and there were a few neat rides in the future world of the park. But, it seemed that Magic Kingdom was the best option for the true Disney experience with the big castle, parades, and characters walking around. But then I remembered who I was going with and so thats how we ended up at Epcot. I woke them up with the Disney playlist on Spotify, and my most spastic dance to supercalifragalisticexpialadocious (sp?). And we were on our way.

It ALSO just so happened to be the Flower & Garden Festival. AKA all my favourite Disney Characters (minus Mulan) in greens and flowers.


There weren't many rides that we went on other than the Test Track and Soarin'. In Test Track we designed our own car and then took a "race" around the track. T'was cool. The ride Soarin' was prettyyyyy fricken neat though. We sat in our seats, suspended in air and the simulator brought us to the Taj Mahal, a castle in Germany, and over the Eiffel Tower. We moved beside lions running in Africa where we could smell the grass, and flew over water in Fiji where we could smell the beachy air. I have some new travels spots on my list.

While Epcot is known as the park for foodies, the heat really just zapped our appetites. Of all the great looking choices  (tacos! lamb! sushi!), we didn't really eat much except for a quick sandwich in the air conditioned Italian restaurant. However, I did get the infamous pineapple soft serve - that seemed like a very ~important~ staple based on my intensive Disney research. Cant say I get the hype... I was okay to share this one.

To cool off,  we went into "Club Cool" which is a fan club started in my honour. In there you get to taste sodas from 8 different countries. I'm not a soda drinker, so most of these weren't my thing. But I'm super into trying different things from different countries, so I was glad my fan club was able to pull this one off.

All said and done, the day was a lot of fun. We clocked a lot of steps on our fitbits, and nobody got in a fight - the markers of a successful day. We are ready for Magic Kingdom.