Mental Shifts

Its been quite some time since I’ve made any sort of post - and this likely my first ever post where I feel like exposing some of my thoughts.

Now that the beginning of January has come and gone, the resolution I made no longer feels like a resolution. It is an intentional goal and new way of how I want to live my life. My resolution wasn’t to lose weight, make more money, or gain more followers - although I wouldn’t mind accomplishing those things. My resolution, and now intention, was to do less. Thats it. Do. Less.

2018 was a crazy year. When I say crazy, I mean, it was a crap year. I was unhappy at work, felt stuck in a rut, and over the course of a few months, lost two people who were so important to me. I mostly just felt…sad. A lot. And instead of enriching my life with meaningful moments, I filled it with clutter. Instead of pushing through issues, I piled on bandaid. I worked late every night, signed up for online interior design courses, took baking classes on weekends, joined a softball team, started a mini candy business, and just filled every waking moment of spare time that I had. I have always loved being busy, but over committing to things stopped me from doing things that mattered. My commitments forced me to turn down time with friends and family. My commitments made it easy to find excuses to neglect my mind and body. My commitments took my time, energy, and money without giving much value in return.

Doing less for me in about prioritization. Focusing on things that truly make me feel happy and healthy - giving the much needed TLC to my mind on body. This will be a year filled with great memories with family and friends. I’ll save more money for things that matter, like travel, my health, and my future. I’m excited to not burden myself with time commitments, financial commitments, and deadlines. I’m excited to give my career the best of me every day, and take care of myself the way I deserve.

I’m looking forward to sharing more as I clear the way for exciting things to happen!